Often times, the things that create the most problems in work are the simplest ones. This holds true for logistics as well, and primarily regarding trucking load dimensions. If you thought that something as simple as measurements cannot go wrong – you’d be very much mistaken. Proper trucking load dimensions and measurements present the basis of good logistics work. Let’s go over some of the essentials of trucking load dimensions.

Use the right standard

In the United States, load dimensions should be in feet or inches when it comes to length. For weight, you should use lbs, even with large loads. If you’re given metric measurements, just convert them to imperial using an online converter. It will take just a fraction of time and save a lot of work and spare you the hassle later on. If you decide to use metric, however, make sure to stay consistent. Stick to metric and metric only throughout the entire logistics process.

Use the proper format for trucking load dimensions

Measurements should be presented in the following format: length x width x height x weight. This is the industry standard and using any different format will cause lots of potential problems.

Estimate generously

There’s no way to always know the exact precise measurements of a certain load. This is especially true for weight. Let’s say that your load weighs roughly around 45,000 lbs. To keep yourself safe, you should estimate the total weight to be around 50,000 lbs. This leaves room to work with in case the weight is slightly higher than predicted.

Measure everything

No matter what the size of your shipment, you should always provide accurate measurements. Less-than-truckload shipments and tarping also need to be measured for proper transportation. Measuring these loads will provide accurate, safe and completely legal transport.

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