Summer’s around the corner and that usually means one thing for logistics companies – an influx of food being transported. Whether it’s fresh fruit and produce or meat for the grill, there’s loads of food going from point A to point B. When hauling items like these, the critical aspect of transportation is the temperature of the load. Temperature controlled freight can be some of the trickiest to transport, so we’ve put together some useful tricks to help you out.

Pay attention to temperature requirements

First things first – check the actual temperature requirements for the food items you are transporting. The easiest way to do this is to pulp the product in order to check the box temperature. This is not always possible, but it’s the best practice with hauling temperature controlled freight. The temperature is usually set by the bill of lading (BOL). If it’s different than required, contact your customer or third party logistics provider.

Keep the seal intact

As with most other food-grade products, temperature controlled freight comes with a seal from the shipper. If there’s a seal on your load, do not cut it or damage it. An intact seal means that the products weren’t tampered with at any point in the transport. This is a great sign for the final receiver and it means that you did a great job transporting temperature controlled freight.

Have regular checkups for temperature controlled freight equipment

The best way to make sure your gear is ready for hauling these types of loads is to maintain it regularly. This means that your maintenance records should be spotless. Not only will you always be sure that your setup is working flawlessly, but your customers will also have a peace of mind.

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